About Order Tracker

Order Tracker is a web-based application that allows businesses to track orders they want to deliver on a recurring basis (currently monthly.)

The idea is for you, the business owner, to increase profits by selling more to existing customers.

For example, if you sell 100 products a month, and make $3.00 profit on each item, you make $300 a month, but you have to find 100 new customers every month. If you can get some of those 100 customers to continue ordering your product every month, you can make more money with almost no additional work.

Order Tracker will track these recurring orders for you. Every day you have orders that need to ship, we will email you invoices and mailing labels for those orders.

All you have to do is package the products and put them in the mail.

Types of orders

Order Tracker can track three types of orders, Regular Orders, Limited Orders, and Series Orders.

Regular Orders

Regular Orders occur every month until you stop it. This is the order type to use if your customer wants to receive the same product every month.

Limited Orders

Limited Order will process every month for a specified number of months, then stop automatically. They are for use if your customers should receive the same product for a certain period.

Series Orders

A Series Order should be used of your customer should receive a different product every month. For example, if you have a series of 12 different items you can create a Series Order and Order Tracker will track which item should be shipped to each customer each month. If you add additional items to the series, you can decide whether or not to add them to existing orders.